"underworlds" 2009 BASEL

With the "underworlds" in Basel the conception of Osnabrück comes to a friendly continuation. Here sound artist Peter Philippe Weiss is invited by the association of hard of hearing people and he has a clear objective to reach: To make people aware of the preciousness of hearing.  The project was supported from the government of the city of basel and the mayor of basel was having a speech at the opening of the installation.


With the Basle "unerworlds" the pedestrians are kicked out of their daily grind. For a short time they are be put out of the stride. Confronted with a complete astonishingly occurrence that they never experienced before. The sound is coming from below the ground. From where it never came before. The frame is new and surprising. The result is marvel, disbelieve and little reality shifts.



Production management:

int/ext communications     www.int-ext.com 

Schwerhörigenverein Nordwestschweiz       www.svnws.ch

Henry Halbeisen of the government and organisation


Thanks to:

Martin Huschke for the vision and co-operation and his great effort for this project.

Basil Kneubühler, technical Lead & organisation

Habegger, Sound systems   www.habegger.ch

Pfeiffenwolf, Freie Strasse 10 for the rooms in the cellar for the technical equipment

Government of Basel-City and a special thank to the "cavallery" of Basel city cleaning department for the 'magic water cable delivering'.

Marco Kneubühler for the "unterwelten" video

GGG   www.ggg-basel.ch