Singing Turbines 2016

The union "Vereinigung Pro Augst" invited Peter Philippe Weiss to join a group art exhibition from "Kultur im Kraftwerk am Rhein" (culture in the power station at the Rhine) with the artists Nora Vest and Maritta Winter-Lehmann in the Rhine power station in Augst Switzerland and to realize a spacial sound art installation.


 The basis of the art work of Weiss where the questions: How is the existing atmosphere, the 'tuning' of the space? Is the space 'tuned'? The power station has a spacial sound atmosphere generated by the turbines - a certain tone with a interesting characteristic. This tone was the working material of the sound installation.


Weiss sampled/digitalized this sound and extrapolated it into a spacial and musical composition. Sometime abstract and sometimes harmonic with subtile reminiscences to music. The sounds, additional tones, oscillations, layerings and chords of the sound art composition started to 'dance' with the existing sound of the turbines in the spaces and generated a fascinating spacial and musical sound experience.


At the Vernissage Weiss is performing a live improvisation on waterphone and electric guitar - together with the 'tone of the turbines'.


Thanks to:

Michael Karup, CEO of the power station Augst and curator of the exhibition

Maritta Winter-Lehmann for making the contact and bringing all together

Sound-Pool for the audio system