Dreaming state can happen suddenly

Peter Philippe Weiss works in his sound installations and interventions with the suggestive and imaginative power of auditory sceneries in a spacial context. In special spaces, rooms, in small and large public spaces, conferences, nature and in cities. With multi channel sound technology he creates highly authentic spacial compositions that include shifts and irritations. He evokes inner pictures and forces the listener to active 'imaginative creation' expanding sensual experience and patterns of life experiences. Something appears, happens in a space - as if it is real! But it is invisible, hidden...


...there's something different, unheard, irritating in this spacial environment...


Sound without the visual element is not less intense but - in certain situations - even more effective and intensive. The experience of a highly realistic sound experience combined with the imagination of the listener builds a reality that is very close to a state of dreaming. A complete mental and emotional experience is taking place.


Peter Philippe Weiss draws from his wide experience in sound and music creation for films, media, radio, products, brands, spaces and performance. This allows him to maximize the emotional and mental effect of his work.


It is all happening in the mind. It's all mental. It's a mind game.


The dream is not just present in the night.  


The dream state can happen suddenly during the day.