HEADROOM Nr. 1 was realised 2055 in Basel city. A multi dimensional 16 sound channel installation in a center shopping street of the city. A sound installation with a unheard power, authenticity, intensity and quality with 120 'invisible' placed speakers and a power of 40'000 watts. During the five day sound installation, every 20 minutes one of the six soundscapes was played.


Hyperreal daydreams and reality shifts emerged and where created in the mids of normal every day life in a public space. A new seeingly impossible space was created - out of the void. An intervention, seduction, dream, illusion. Imaginary worlds, unreal spaces, reality shifts and surprises. Headroom did not take place at its performance place at Gerbergasse but in the heads of passers by. Headroom was simply something that happend to them. Headroom simply accured. This power of an authentic sound field leads to a completely novel and high impact experience. 




Conception, art work, design, direction: Peter Philippe Weiss

Production management: Henry Halbeisen

Assistance: Delia Bornand

Speaker cover design: Thomas Martin

Engineering/Mixing: Luzius Müller, Ramon De Marco

Soundsystem: Habegger AG

Graphic design poster/flyer: Fredy Hadorn

Thanks to: Tiefbauamt Basel-Stadt, Basel Stadtmarketing, Wing Chan, Daniel Graber, Eric Julliard und David Bosshard



Directing and Mastering: Andreas Wild

Production manager: Ron Lubrich

Editorial and cutt: Diana Schulze

Sound and cut: Sarah Huppmann

Camera and technic: Marc Wittenberg

Thanks to: FH Offenburg, Prof. Dr. HUW Werner, Prof. Dr. Behring, Markus Joos, Anita Ribic, Felix Müller und Roland Linder