Peter Philippe Weiss, born 1962 in Basel, acts as a consultant, composer, sound artist, sound designer, producer, speaker and guest lecturer at HSG University St. Gallen, HTW Chur University of Applied Science, SFG-B Visual Art School Bern and a permanent lectureship at FH Offenburg. Since 1994 he runs Corporate Sound AG. In 2009 Corporate Sound AG was awarded by the red dot design award for sound branding and since 2013 Peter Philippe Weiss is member of the red dot design award jury.


At the age of nine, Peter Philippe Weiss began a 10-year training in classical violin. His keen interest in new musical developments made him learn the following additional instruments as an autodidact: acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, drums/percussion, and piano/keyboards. He played these instruments in various bands and musical formations, such as Canadian performance band, The Look People. Together with this band he performed at St. Gallen Open-Air, CBGB’s in New York, and the ‚Diamonds‘ in Toronto. 


In 1994 Peter Philippe Weiss founded Corporate Sound AG, thereby creating the first professional communication agencies for sound branding. www.corporate-sound.com


Seine installativen Projekte und Interventionen begann er  2005 mit der Stadtklanginstallation HEADROOM in Basel. Es folgten weitere installative Projekte in Basel und in Osnabrück, wobei Weiss immer den imaginationsbildenden Aspekt im Zusammenhang mit Raumirritationen interessierte.


He began his installative projects and interventions in 2005 with the public space installation HEADROOM. Different projects where following in Switzerland and Germany. Always focussed on the imaginative aspect in his art work.


In 2008 Weiss wrote the score for the feature film MANIPULATION starring Klaus-Maria Brandauer und Sebastian Koch (film started February 2011). www.manipulationmovie.com  


In the same year, he realised mindgames, his debut as a solo performer consisting of three kind of radioplay storytelling concerts at Basel’s Imprimerie. 2015 he continues this cross-medial art and performance project TRÄUMER (dreamer) www.traeumer.com


2015 he publishes the book “WENN DESIGN DIE MATERIE VERLÄSST” (Sound – Intangible Design Power). The English translation is realized in the end of 2015. www.intangibledesign.info ISBN 9783734772412


exhibitions / installations

2005 - HEADROOM BASEL - Stadtklanginstallation
2006 - LICHT FELD BASEL - Rauminstallationen
2007 - LICHT FELD BASEL - Rauminstallationen
2008 - unterwelten OSNABRÜCK  - Stadtklanginstallation

2009 - unterwelten BASEL - Stadtklanginstallation

2009 - LICHT FELD BASEL - Rauminstallationen

2012 - WeltHALL - Raumklanginstallation Gruppenarbeit



2009 - red dot design award

2015 - designer of the year - WHO IS WHO