"underworlds" 2008 OSNABRÜCK

On the occasion of the "2. Osnabrücker Hör-Forums 2008" (2nd listening forum of Osnabrück 2008) and on invitation of the University of Osnabrück Peter Philippe Weiss realized at - or rather over and under the market place - a multi channel sound installation.  The sound installation was composed specially to this site and referenced to the history of Osnabrück as the ancient 'city of pease' and made in a sensual experience aware, that this peace is not so sure as one thinks. 



War and peace

One hears a sinister rumbling under the surface of the market place of Osnabrück. It sounds threatening and dangerous - and there is more happening as we assume. But we also hear clear voices of the peace loving forces sounding in the airy heigh.  Each of both sides - the dark and the bright - courts and attracts with its own weapons. It's a duel of invisible but highly present forces. A duel of seduction and promise. Addressed to the passengers of any color: participants of the 2. listening forum, residents, students, tourists, children, art lovers, musicians etc. 


Under the ground

It is happening under the ground of Osnabrück. What one believed is a quite earth suddenly turns to be anxious and comes alive. DOORS TO DOWNWARDS ARE OPENING. And sudden the dark "underwolds" which where hidden for primeval times are appearing. We don't see anything but we hear it. And what we hear is disturbing and alarming. Reality shifts happen. It is hearable what not can and might be...


6 loudspeakers with different sound channels are invisible installed down in the drains of the market place. 


Over the heads

But there is a reaction on the activities of the "underworlds". The forces of peace and love are sending their ambassadors to the market place of Osnabrück. In a form of sensual whispering and humming voices which are appearing from above - not possible to locate.... 


4 loudspeakers are placed on the roof of the city library. They are invisible placed and directed on the walls of the church on the other side of the place. The passengers can not locate the whispering voices which are echoing around the market place.


Production management / realisation: Prof. Dr. Jutta Wermke, University Osnabrück

Thanks to the city government and the the city library.

Video production: Holger Schwetter www.werk.statt.de